Author, Speaker, Motivator, Coach, and Mentor with one focus – helping people live healthier, more productive lives.



To The Soul… is an inspirational work, comprised of life lessons, life stories, and biblical examples to motivate and challenge the reader. Life provides us with various challenges, obstacles, and even barriers. This book focuses on how to meet the challenges head on, how to overcome the obstacles, and how to avoid barriers that can hinder us.

The second edition of To The Soul will be released in the near future, but the first edition is still available for a limited time.  Click Here to Purchase


Speaker and Motivator

With over 15 years as a corporate trainer, I’m no stranger to standing in front of an audience. Whether it’s a small group of executives and leaders or an auditorium full of students, each message hits the target audience with clarity.  Using everything from real life stories to humorous antidotes, as well as audience participation, you will surely be engaged, increasing the potential for presentation retention.


Coach and Mentor

Ask any person that played competitive sports at a young age, and they’ll tell you coaching is important. In addition, many coaches that have impacted the lives of young persons have played the role of mentor as well.  Those roles are critical to development and success, and though they may look differently, they don’t change. Instead of coaching x’s and o’s for a particular sport, business persons, executives, and leaders have benefited from having a coach or mentor. With my extensive professional experience, I can help you design, define, and reach your goals!


Designer, Creator of The Greatness Within Custom Bow Ties

Always known as a stylish guy, I fell in love with bow ties a few years ago. As an author and motivational speaker, bow ties became an integral part of my signature look at all my events. With trends such as “Bow Tie Tuesday”, and a host of celebrities, athletes, and other media personalities flocking to bow ties, they became more and more popular. As a result, genuine, quality, and authentic bow ties started to become harder and harder to find. Many of the local men’s stores started carrying them in large quantities, which also led to me seeing various gentlemen sporting the same tie! That’s when it hit me! The only way to ensure I was the only one wearing my bow tie was to create my own; and that’s when The Greatness Within Custom Bow Tie Collection was born.

I was trained and taught to sew by my mother who was a very talented fashion designer, seamstress, and owner of LMS Creations. Having watched her design everything from wedding gowns, evening wear, business wear, casual attire, and my sisters prom gowns, as well as, my prom tuxedos, I knew design was in my bones!

My collection is unique in that no two ties are alike. One of the areas that I specialize in, is necktie to bow tie conversions! Don’t throw your old fav necktie away, allow me to convert it to a brand new, custom bow tie! No matter what the event or purpose is, I can’t help you create that stylish and sophisticated look that only a bow tie can create!

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